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How it all began

ЛуАЗ-967 ТПК IMG_4606

I read about LuAZ-967 for the first time in the conference on Automotive News, and almost immediately decided - "must take". Still - swims, rides, cross-country at this level of quality off-road vehicles. Myachta one word. That's just - the release of their long ceased, and there was very little produced. And to top it, a lot of these machines suffered from "rukodelschikov" that a door will be cut, the booth is welded on top - port of the machine completely. So that the search process is more or less a living instance can take a very long time. A reduction to the status of required - for the rest of time.

The search continued for several years ... continue ->

Now the restoration is complete, and the car is 100% gets the job done, allowing you to get "back to where nice and clean \ where no boots trod tourist" (C) T.Shaov

Features LuAZ-967 List of improvements

"And Indesit broke and not Tide washes" - or Gum: new technology

Modern life is difficult to imagine without a dishwasher - and seemingly many hours standing at the sink forever gone. But as usual, but it seemed - at the 6th year of life served faithfully Indesit IDL-40 said, "I'm tired, I'm leaving," and began to reek of fried plastic ... An autopsy revealed - stopped the motor for the pump and overheating it melted the fan blades. We still suspecting nothing, call the service for household appliances, find out the brand of the motor that we need, and look forward to when we will be presented by the price of a new one.

I heard from almost a fractured leg jaw dropped - for motor asked for less 600r further ->

And here's why not e-mail.

Then asked me to mail a question to which I am out of respect for the demand decided to step on the throat of his own principles and the same answer. But there it was! Answer next ->

Wildebeest! (Not an antelope)

Finally managed to finish - and even try! - Another unfinished. Plans for the replacement of the bottom on stainless steel, which means - to be bent sheet, and very, very much. Previously this was done the old fashioned way - two plus two clutches corner between the sheet - and let's go hammer went through a board ... That's just the way this works only on narrow - 20 inches maximum - sheets, and he has not sufficient abundance. So - for sbychu dream will have to build further ->

The attraction of unprecedented generosity

... Held company Mvideo, selling 'obsolete' Drives WD MyBook Live 2TB on the price of 1500P ... cheaper bare drive WD 2Tb Green, koy in and installed :) As there was to resist and not buy one, especially considering the dynamics of the dollar ... And already occurred near a counter amfibiogennaya asphyxia - start to strangle the toad, simply forcing say "Give two!" :) So dogonku to 4TB Nasu bred another 2 to 2TB, and it looks like next ->

Right block for Kevlar and another silencer


Stuck, swans - and suddenly my feet fall two scraps new, just bought a synthetic rope :( And cut exactly in the middle of ...

It turned out that in the block got a twig, the cable further ->

Oblakaaaaa ... or impressions about the victim marketing.

Troubled times now, and lose all household electronic library for any external circumstances - a flood / fire / mask show - really do not want. Therefore, the desire to buy something to it lay and store a complete archive of all.

But just enough to lie - it is necessary to skillfully live long without food (and hence powered by 12 volts and not much to eat), not warm and not make noise (so as not to attract attention), and most importantly - to give direct access to the operating system installed, and not only the web interface.

But after a few weeks of searching on the Internet was next ->


During the first trip with the new hood and engine shield was discovered that the hood rubs the paint at the contact points. In general, there is nothing surprising - a hefty hood lies only with an elastic band and a couple of points of the engine shield, here on the bumps under the action of further ->

Against the current

We went this time to our favorite place to Lemeza. Here only this time decided not to go down a few miles down the river, and up against the current with further ->

Video - get out of the sand

Last trip to Siem due to loss during the winter off-road riding skills dug a little when you exit the water. Release the pressure to a minimum, was able to leave on their own.

Pavlivka, or test the winch

We went to relax on the Pavlovsk reservoir, thus testing the found last time the road. But the rainy summer this year brought about changes - if last year the road was steep though, but it zhiguleprohodima, it has now completely soaked, and in the first descent by ~ 40 degrees as we raced on a sled ... Okay this site out on the rising slope of the ravine, which further ->